IS THAT LIKE A THING podcast captures the meaningful and occasionally hilarious conversations where, if we ask the question, the answer is always yes and well…we’re going to talk about it. Hosted by Becky Leach, Crystal Yates, Magen Thurman and produced by Emily Gentiles, where between the four women you will find singers, artists, writers, wives, mothers and Bible teachers. Where the authentic and funny hosts talk about the things everyone is thinking about, but maybe, never really saying. Always from the perspective of God’s Word and living as imperfect, faithful followers of Christ, they explore the realities of faith, the imperfections of family and home and the grace to make it another day and will leave you saying “IS THAT LIKE A THING?”.

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Podcast Host

Crystal Yates is a worship leader, singer, Dove-award nominated songwriter, mom of two boys Hayden and Evan, and a wife to her husband over 20 years, Will. 


One summer when Crystal was 5 years old, she went to spend a week with her granny, visited a church, and was so deeply moved by the worship. That particular day the church had a guest husband and wife team leading the music and Crystal remembers being overwhelmed with the feeling she would one day lead worship. She was not part of a church growing up, but, that one visit to her granny’s church marked her life and she never forgot it.  Many years later, at the age of 18, she gave her life to Christ. Crystal loves sharing her story of how in one of her darkest moments she was met by the love and mercy of Jesus. Since that day she doesn’t doubt the love of God and is passionate empowering others to experience the love and mercy of Jesus, while cultivating a more Spirit-led life.


She loves embracing people right where they are because that is where the love of Jesus met her.


Crystal lives in Mckinney, TX with her husband Will, their two boys, and an Aussie Shepherd named Bella. Will and Crystal lead worship at Christ Fellowship Church.




Emily was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1983. After moving upwards of 20 times all over the U.S., she settled in the great State of Texas, which she now considers the Motherland. She grew up in a Christian home with faithful parents and 2 sisters. She gave her life to the Lord at a very young age and wanted to pursue international missions even as a young child. After graduating with a degree in Religion from East Texas Baptist University, she spent the next several years doing camp ministry full-time. 

Then she met this handsome guy named David Gentiles. He was a singer, songwriter and worship leader and she HAD to to have him. They spent several years doing ministry in churches in the Dallas, Huntsville, and Houston areas. During their time in Houston they began to foster and were able to adopt two wonderful children. 


Part of their journey also involved over a decade of infertility and now they hope to be a resource and encouragement to other couples experiencing the same struggle. 

David is on worship staff at CityBridge Community Church (formerly Watermark Church, Plano campus) and they absolutely love it. 

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Podcast Host

Magen Thurman is a mother, wife, worship leader, singer, teacher and speaker who has a deep love for people. One of her deepest desires is teaching people to better understand Christ’s love for us. Because as we begin to believe it, we begin to experience God in incredible, new and real ways. 


Magen’s leadership is marked by vulnerability, sincerity and authenticity. Simply put, she keeps it real.  


Whether Magen is getting to preach to a group of people or getting to teach a congregation a new song, one of her greatest joys is hearing and seeing the people of God worship Him with their words, their songs, their life, their mind and with their whole heart. 


Originally from Dallas, TX, Magen Thurman moved to the DC area in 2008 after getting married to her husband, Cory. In 2010 she became a full-time worship leader at McLean Bible Church, which serves the Washington DC metro area. In 2018, after the birth of their two children, Magen and Cory returned to the Dallas area. Magen now teaches and leads worship at Park Cities Baptist Church. Magen and Cory have been married for 13 years and they have two beautiful daughters, Ragen and Willa. They live in Richardson, Texas. 

Also... False... That would be a NO on the semi-professional women's wakeboarding.



Podcast Host

Becky is a full-time artist while writing and teaching about the love of Jesus. She adores instagram, hates working out and is obsessive over the creamer in her coffee. She is a mom of three kids and married to her high school sweetheart, who just so happens to also be her State Representative. As a sexual abuse survivor, the beat of Becky’s heart is encouraging women to run through life unhindered toward the grace ofJesus.


Becky and her husband, Jeff, currently live in Allen, Texas with their three kids, Brady, Charlotte, and Landry, along with their beloved goldendoodle, Franklin. Becky is a founder of FreeToo Ministries. You can connect with her on her website and follow along on Instagram